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Friday, April 8, 2011

Knobless Cylinders Extensions: A Montessori Print Shop Review

The children work with the Knobless Cylinders quite frequently. Some have managed to understand the relationship of the sizes and some work with them in their traditional manners like building towers. I am always looking for materials to enhance the childrens' learning that will build on their interest with the materials that they are choosing to work with on a daily basis. I was pleased while browsing through Montessori Print Shop that they offered the extension pattern cards for the Knobless Cylinders. After printing them I was very happy with the quality and that all of the pattern cards matched the cylinders perfectly! Another bonus is that I received 28 pattern cards with the download. That is exactly 7 cards for each box of knobless cylinders. Just the jumpstart I needed to keep this work interesting for some time. 

 Here is a sample of some of the cards after they were laminated.

As soon as I showed the children the extensions they became a instant hit. They loved how colorful the pages were and they were happy about having a work that helped them to create new ways of working with the Knobless Cylinders.

N worked with this work for the whole morning work period, about an hour into it Jessica came along and asked N if she would show her what she was doing.

I had accidentally pushed too many number of copies for the work. So I had placed the extra copies in our extra paper bin. Then DJ and Ken surprised me with their take on this work. They begin to cut the cylinders pattern out so that they could make their own extensions.

             Gluing the picture together.

 DJ created a picture of a sailboat on water, the green cylinders represent a tree and the yellow cylinders is the sun.

                                     Ken created this picture.

How cool is that? I was able to keep children from the ages of 2 through 10  happily working with the same materials. DJ pointed out to me that I could also print some more of these out for scissor practice because he was having a difficult time cutting around a circle :)

I  am really impressed with this work fom the quality to how the children are choosing to do this work repeatedly. It has helped them to feel very successful with working with the Knobless Cylinders. This particular work is Knobless Cylinders Pattern Set 1. Montessori Print Shop also has a second set of pattern cards that I plan to purchase once the children are ready to move on to more challenging patterns.

Disclaimer:  I was given the Knobless Cylinder Pattern Cards Set 1, along with two other materials in exchange for my review of one of the products. This is my opinion entirely!! In no way has it been changed because I received the materials for free.




  1. So many creative ways to use these patterns! I love it. I will definitely have to refer back here once my son is old enough to use the knobless cylinders. Thanks for sharing! I'm giving away one of My Montessori MOMents' I Spy Bags on my blog if you are interested! They are great!

  2. Great idea letting the kids do their own extensions, I'me definately going to try it!

  3. Last months I presented C knobless cylinders and she wasn't into it : (
    Maybe next month I could get her more engaged.Besides this I love the Knobless cylinders cards from Montessori print shop.
    great review my friend!have a nice weekend.

  4. Wow! I may mave to get thses! I love their creativity! It is awesome! you are great at following the child! I also did a reveiw for Montessori Print Shop if you want to check it out! I also included a link to your post!

  5. What a neat way to extend the knobless cylinder work! Thanks for sharing your review and your extension. Neat post and review, too.
    I have added a link to your post on my blog with the review I did for Montessori Print Shop's Animals Work:

    Have a happy weekend,

  6. I'm with Stephanie. I may have to get these! I love that the children cut out the circles to make their own extension cards. Very creative! Thanks for sharing.

    Lori @ montessori MOMents

  7. They extension patterns are fabulous for creativity. Love them! Now I just need the knobless cylinders:-)


  8. Thank you for all the nice comments! The children never cease to amaze me with their creativity!!!

  9. Great review! And I LOVE the way the children created their own extensions - awesome! Deb @

  10. Hi. I linked to your blog post today on my blog.

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  11. I ABSOLUTELY love this idea! Thank you for the new fresh idea. I'm going to introduce this week they are going to be all over this one :-)

  12. Hi,
    Wonderful idea for the children to keep busy.
    Where to get print out for this material.
    Meena contractor


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