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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Grammar Farm (Toddler Tuesday)

             The toddlers have been really holding their own here. They are following wonderful examples set by their older peers. The Grammar Farm is a new addition to the language area. The toddlers only like to say"no" they never want to hear anyone tell  them "no". So I set up a activity where they could still use the Grammar Farm for language purposes. Using the classified cards "Farm Animals", the toddlers have been matching pictures to objects and learning the names of farm animals

Here is a photo of some of the objects we use with the Grammar Farm.

This is how I showed the pictures of the farm animals to the toddlers.

                                                              Here they are in action.

                           The Grammar Farm has truly added  a new element to all language lessons. To see what other toddlers have been doing using the montessori method pop over to  One Hook Wonder.


  1. Thank your for leave me so nice comments on my blog. I really like your Grammar Farm. My son would love it. He is hardly ever interested in matching pictures to objects and I have to be creative to set up fun activities to get him interested.

  2. I love your grammar farm. Where did you order it from?

  3. The girl who painted trees- This is a Melissa and Doug Folding Farm, I purchased it at our local Brilliant Sky Toys and Gifts store. It is normally $50.00 but if you are a frequent shopper you earn points. I earned enough to receive $15.00 off. Hobby Lobby had a 30% off sale on all diorama, so that is where I purchased the farm items and grass. My total cost for the farm was $60.00. I am so happy you like it, I know you and Bear will become very creative with this.

  4. Hi, loving tha activities you have done with the toddlers.... quick question, what ages are they as i care for two little oens coming up two and I've been musing on when to begin some more activities with them!

    Thanks, Jenni

  5. Thank You Jennifer, the children in the picture are two and a half years old. You know it really all depends on the child. I really have an one and half year old that did this work when we were working together.

  6. So cute and such a good idea! I'll have to use our farm the same way eventually - thanks! Thanks also for linking up to Toddler Tuesday. :)

  7. I love the way you adapted the Montessori grammar farm for younger children! I linked to your post at


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