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Sunday, June 6, 2010


            This week DJ worked on birds all by himself. I supplied him the materials and then he got busy.

                                    Here DJ is working with the parts of the bird cards.

Classified bird cards. He is pointing to his favorite bird the Toucan.

Working with bird pizzles.

I gave Dj an owl pellet so he could get a better understanding of what a bird skeleton looks like.

 Now he has found all of the bones, and trying to  put the skeeton together.

            While DJ was putting the skeleton together he asked me "Where did I get the owl pellet"?
            I told him that a owl eats their prey in large pieces and then they regurgitate their meal". I then explained what regurgitates means. Dj was really disgusted for a minute, then I told him that this was a man made pellet it wasn't the real thing."Oh" he said and started smiling,and laughing. To see other children learning about science visit  Adventures In Mommydom for Science Sunday.


  1. I love this. I really enjoy children having some self direction with their learning. Too funny about the owl pellet.
    Do you make your own nomenclature cards?

  2. I love DJ's reaction to the owl pellet. That made the whole lesson for him! Great job!

  3. Hi! Kelly
    No I do not make my own nomenclature cards. Most of my cardscome from montessori printshop. I do add colored border around them, the kids seem to work with the them more when I do this.

  4. okay, I'm going to have to check out montessori printshop, because that was going to be my question of where you got them.
    The next question is, where did you get the owl pellet from?

  5. Ticia,
    I brought the pellets from our local science museum. They are called skeleton pellets made by DuneCraft. Their website is I have purchased actual owl pellets online before, I can't remember where from.

  6. awesome! I'm thinking we'll be using them soon this year, and I like the idea of these to be able to get a full skeleton (and I'd probably be tempted to do the other also).


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