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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Every since the horrible tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary I been really in my own silence. It is real, but yet unimaginable that life can be taken away so quickly by another. I have had a difficult time doing normal lesson planning and all the while trying to figure out what exactly can I do to help the community that is grieving.

It came to me while I was reading the classroom manual and another primary theory album last night that what should be the center of our studies here, actually isn't. The Peace curriculum that Dr.Montessori implemented is necessary, in all ways that we do school and how we live our everyday lives. Since I am blessed to have children of my own and care for other peoples' most precious gems, I must start with Peace Education before anything else.

Teaching Peace allows the child to understand their own emotions, understand other people's emotions(empathy) and understand diversity. Starting with Peace Education at an early age can help transpire a world of Peace Makers.

With all the academic lesson planning set aside I was able to focus on the importance of our Peace Table.

It is real simple, but it was important to me to for them to see beauty that will hopefully bring calmness to the child who sits here.

         Just one chair for now, encouraging silence for the individual child.

            A snow globe that plays a soft melody.

                                                    A hourglass, so mesmerizing!!
           A heart to give to a friend to acknowledge that we are friends, let's make peace.

              The bell to ring when peace has been made. What a wonderful sound!!

I have seen a lot of different Peace Tables set up on the blogosphere and I love each one of them. This is where we are at right now and it will help bring more order to our day. One day at a time right and then maybe I can add more things to it.

It is amazing how my creativity started flowing once I set this table up. It won't be hard after all to do my lesson planning since I have found the foundation.

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  1. That looks lovely! I totally agree with you on the central importance of peace in the curriculum, too. It's one of the biggest things that sets Montessori apart if you ask me.

    Not to sound like a commercial, but the teacher who was my mentor in my internship year (and beyond, really!) has a lovely, simple peace curriculum if you're looking for something like that. It's on her website here:

    1. Thank you!!

      Now I am off to check out the peace curriculum you shared.

  2. Wonderful post. Thank you for reminding us of what sustains each of our endeavors!

  3. Sasha, Thank you so much for your kind words!!


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