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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's On The Shelf

      Here are some pictures of some new works on the shelves in our classrooms this week.

                                                             Practical Life
                                                                     Candy corn clothespins.
                                                         How the work looks when completed.
                       Spider rings work. I cut the rings so that the child can place the spiders around the web.



                                                               Parts Of The Spider Cards.

                                               The holder for Parts Of The Pumpkin Cards.

                                                         The Parts Of The Pumpkin Cards.



                                                                        Count and Sort.

                                                                  Matching object to picture.


                                                            Toddler Works
                                                            The Five Senses Booklets.
                                       Mr. Potatoe Head ( the toddlers love fitting things into holes).

                                     Hammering. I really like this material it is open ended once they hammer the pegs down they flip it over and do it agan.

                                                                  Matching lids to pots.



  1. Thanks for sharing! I have the spider webs and rings and I also have the spiders for the counting activity. So, we will be able to do both of the activities. Thanks! Kerri

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