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Friday, February 22, 2013

Guess The Mystery Number

Lately Maths have become a huge deal around here.

 Working with the Sandpaper Numbers and Number Rods are certainly paying off well for them.

Since the Math shelves have been getting a lot of attention I have been creating some original work of my own, that I must admit that they are loving:)

I found this bank with a fun combination lock on clearance at Target for just $5.88. 

The cool thing about this combination lock is that you can set the number yourself. This inspired me to make  the Guess The Mystery Number work.

  The clue is how many pennies are in the dish on the tray.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 The child counts the pennies as they are putting them in the bank.
 Then they turn the dial to find the number.
Their reward is huge when they have discovered the mystery number and unlock the door, because they get to do it all over again, and again.                                                                         
We have had wonderful math related conversations since this work has been introduced. Most importantly the children are discovering how numbers are relevant to them.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Their Status

Really I try to share photos of the children working with different activities, but it ain't happening! They truly are choosing their favorite works over and over which is making them become masters of their work.

 Avi is sharing with her friend that she has a plum, articulating every sound PL-U-M.

 E has been into Sandpaper letters for awhile and he truly knows them all, but isn't quite ready to move on. He loves to trace them and say the sound. Every now and then he will get an object to match it to the letter.

 Mia is so absorbed by the pictures in the Africa folder and can name some of the objects and places.

 Maddux is doing quite well, his sense of order shines. He supervises the shelves to make sure everything is in it's proper place and ready for the next person. If it isn't he does the work himself and places it back on the shelf correctly, every time.

 Jaida is learning a lot from the environment, she follows and observes. Her practical life skills are awesome.

 I was really happy when I saw Jaida using the Metal Insets to assist her with the sorting work.

 Eli ask so many questions! We have decided to write them all done so I can make sure we get the answers before the week is over. His most favorite question is Can I have a lesson? It doesn't matter if it is the Checkerboard material or the Pink Tower, he wants a lesson.

Here's Jalen one of the toddlers who tries his best to join us everyday. Jalen is leaving for the day and wants to say good bye to the Numnber Rods( he really wanted to take them home:).

It just isn't enough time in our day!

Cleaning Up!

Clean up time here is one of the best parts of the school day here. The children love to dust, roll the mats , check the shelves. One of the struggles I have had was finding a good child size sweeper. We do have a corn broom, but often times that leaves a mess behind too, it can be a bit frustrating especially for the kiddos who have worked so hard to master the sweeping process.

About a month ago I was contacted by someone who works for a marketing company for Bissell to see if I would like to try out one of their sweepers, I jumped at the chance and I am so glad that I did! I chose the Natural Sweep Sweeper.

After I opened the box I became really excited, and so was my son (age8) who was able to put  it together in under ten minutes.

    It is really simple to put together and it really sweeps!

Another feature that I was looking for in a sweeper is the size. As you can tell from the above photo it is just the right size for my son. He is able to gain control of the sweeper which makes it a joy for him to use.

The handles that attach are adjustable, so it can be used by a much smaller person as well. It is truly a one size fits all sweeper.

One more thing that make this a perfect sweeper for us is there is no noise. While some children may be working, others may be finding their work in sweeping. No one has to be disturbed and no long cords needing to be plugged in or dragged around.. A toddler has also been able to use this sweeper because of  it's light weight and the handles can easily be adjusted.

We have had our Natural Sweep for about a month now and it is still working just like it did the first day. The only problem I have is making sure everyone gets the job of sweeping, because the children love it too.  I haven't had to sweep since it's arrival!            

I am very impressed with this sweeper as a mother and a preschool owner I can't tell you enough how the Natural Sweep has improved our clean up time and spirit. It is affordable! Right now you can purchase the Natural Sweep for just $29.99 with free shipping, just click here.  I also have a coupon code "sweepupMS" which will get you $5.00 off your purchase, it is good until the end of the year.  

Disclaimer: I was given a Natural Sweep in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.                                                                                                                                                    

Friday, February 1, 2013

Got Another One!

Despite wearing that character on his shirt that causes confusion at times, Maddux has the bug. The Montessori Bug! You know that bug that no matter how much insect repellent you put on, it still buzzes around you and after awhile you just become friends:)

 Congratulations Maddux(age 4) you have reached  Normalization!

Two down, four two go!!

Stick with it people, it does pay off!!