The Work Plan

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daily Report:Counting Planets,Moons,And Stars With A Number Line

Not many in attendance again today:( But this didn't stop Lil from taking advantage of more than usual one on one time with me. Lil said " I want to so some counting, some different kind of counting". I knew I had a activity that would keep her interested, I was just waiting on the right time.

 This activity came from Mother Goose Time curriculum.

       First she cut on the dotted lines.

Next she assembled the number line, because of prior experiences of working with materials like cards and counters this was very simple for her to do.
 It was so much fun watching Lil count objects with a breeze while learning a concept.

 Lil used the numbers to match with the strips.

     Also Lil used the number line to add the stars and the moons.
               Lil is always thrilled to take work home to show her mother.                                                                    

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daily Report: On Time!!

 Today everyone was on time. It may sound like not a big deal, but it hasn't been easy to begin the work period with all attendance with all the different schedules. Today we did it! What a wonderful feeling!!

                                                                 Zoology puzzles.                                                                
 Sequencing the rectangle drawer from the Geometric Cabinet.
 Using a drawer from the Botany Cabinet to trace leaf shapes.
 Fast/Slow language activity. The napkin is a folding activity that I used for the mat. A secret way I added in a folding lesson. Before this no one ever picked the napkin folding activity.

                                     Pink Tower/Brown Stairs creations.
                                                  Metal Inset work.
                                                       Sign Language basket work.
                                                                   Color box # 3.                                            

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily Report: Wednesday's Wonderful Work Period

Lots of hardwork going on!!

The Parts of The Flower cards being matched with the Flower Puzzle. Lil sensorially knows how to put this puzzle together, now she is learning to identify the parts by their name.                                                                        

 Living and Non-Living picture sort. Love the beautifully illustrated cards. This is one set of materials I never once thought about replacing. All the kids enjoy these cards. They can be purchased at Montessori For Everyone.
  Matching picture to picture animals that are found in North America.      
                            North America continent basket.
        Learning the names of the seven continents.
                                                          Knobless Cylinder work.
 Using the Moveable Alphabet to match begining sounds to objects.
                                Tracing Sandpaper Numbers.
            Scissor practice without lines as a guide.

         Coloring time with a pack of spanking new markers:) Gotta love fresh markers!!                                                                      

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Report: Sponge Painting

Lil and Jessica were my only preschoolers today and we had a lot of fun!!They were really hoping for some arts and crafts today, and that is what we did. While getting things prepared for them they chose other works while waiting.

 Lil loves all things ducks, and she is also in love with Eric Carle books so she spent some time reading books.
 This is still Jessica's favorite work. She can spend a lot of time with the Metal Insets. Another work that she really knows well, but doesn't want to move on yet is the Number Rods.
 I found this cut and paste printable from the blog The Helpful Garden. It is a gem of a blog, if you haven't visited yet your in for a treat. Just make sure you have some ink for your printer because you will be needing it:) The work above comes with another sheet that the child uses for a guide to match the work to. I am out of black ink so I just traced the guide copy by hand.                                                                                 
 This activity was well received by Jessica. This work incorporated her other favorite things like using glue and scissors.
 When Jessica was all done she asked for another copy to do again!!

 They really enjoyed using the star sponges to decorate a paper bag.
After painting they colored an astronaut and taped it on the bag to use as a puppet. During their puppet show they had a great discussion about the difference between the moon and the sun.

Other things that Lil did was the teen boards, moon phase cards, and the moveable alphabet.
Jessica also worked with a number matching puzzle, and planet three part cards.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Daily Report: Busy !!

They were quite busy and so was I !! Here are some photos that I was able to capture on camera today.

                                   Rooster puzzle.

                               Comparing weights.

                                   Transferring balls.

                              Multitasking:) Sponge squeezing while watching a friend work.

           Doing the North America Map  Puzzle while matching with the control chart.

Metal Insets and Sandpaper letters.

Sequencing the circles in the Geometric Cabinet and then tracing,coloring to make a picture. Eli is working while observing.
 It wouldn't be a normal day without someone working with the play doh tray.