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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Report: Sponge Painting

Lil and Jessica were my only preschoolers today and we had a lot of fun!!They were really hoping for some arts and crafts today, and that is what we did. While getting things prepared for them they chose other works while waiting.

 Lil loves all things ducks, and she is also in love with Eric Carle books so she spent some time reading books.
 This is still Jessica's favorite work. She can spend a lot of time with the Metal Insets. Another work that she really knows well, but doesn't want to move on yet is the Number Rods.
 I found this cut and paste printable from the blog The Helpful Garden. It is a gem of a blog, if you haven't visited yet your in for a treat. Just make sure you have some ink for your printer because you will be needing it:) The work above comes with another sheet that the child uses for a guide to match the work to. I am out of black ink so I just traced the guide copy by hand.                                                                                 
 This activity was well received by Jessica. This work incorporated her other favorite things like using glue and scissors.
 When Jessica was all done she asked for another copy to do again!!

 They really enjoyed using the star sponges to decorate a paper bag.
After painting they colored an astronaut and taped it on the bag to use as a puppet. During their puppet show they had a great discussion about the difference between the moon and the sun.

Other things that Lil did was the teen boards, moon phase cards, and the moveable alphabet.
Jessica also worked with a number matching puzzle, and planet three part cards.


  1. Great love working with sponges.

    1. I really do appreciate all the supportive comments you leave on both of blogs.

  2. Hey! It is so wonderful to see the number rod pasting activity so well received by other children besides my own. Thanks for the kind nod to my blog:)

    1. My pleasure!! Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. I am already in the process of printing and laminating some of your materials for the children. They are going to love it!!


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