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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Day1

Welcome! We are celebrating the life of a wonderful peacemaker who helped change history Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!! Dr. King used non-violence to stop violence, and to help stop segregation mostly in the South. He practiced this non-violent method after studying Ghandi. This practice helped change America into a more postive peaceful place for all of us! I found a wonderful packet of activities involving math and literacy. I wanted to do all the activities that we could, therefore we have MLK week. I found this packet that is availiable on teachers pay teachers website at the blog Today the children learned about who this great person was, and what did he look like. We found these answers during our read aloud time. We read the book Martin's Big Words. The pictures are beautifull illustrated. It is a great picture book, we had a lovely time doing a picture walk through the book. It seemed like a long story at first, but when its' a good book it has the ability to keep the preschoolers. attention until the end.
On the shelf today I had precut templates for the children to create a picture of Dr. King by following the pictures on the "How To Make Martin" sheet.
They really did enjoy this activity and it wasn't long before lunch time, that our community was feeling and sounding like examples of peace. Everyone used great examples of words of peace just like Dr.King. No coaching, the book was enough to start our day off on the right foot.
Now the children know what this wonderful peacemaker Dr. Martin Luther King Jr looked like.
Thank you for stopping by and seeing how we are keeping Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs' Dream alive. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for some more fun learning about the man behind the dream.

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  1. I love Martin's Big Words, it's such a great book. That craft is really cute.


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