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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inspiring Project Work Among Preschoolers

If you have been reading my other blog, or following me on facebook then you know about my latest craziest risk. I am starting a business that will be a Project Based Learning Studio for children from ages three years old through high school. Some of the services that I will be providing are parent/child preschool classes, hosting birthday parties, and selling project kits prepared by me for the child to work on while at the Studio or at home. The bonus is if  the child chooses to work at the Studio is that they will have access to well equipped materials that may inspire projects of their own and a place to showcase/present their project work if they desire. The beauty of it all is that if a child is currently working on their very own project they may bring their own work. Of course my training to become a certified Montessori Guide is definitely preparing me for this task.

One set of materials that I am really giddy about being available in the Studio is this set of music materials that will accompany the Montessori Bells.

This set of materials are not intended to teach the child any music lessons. They are intended to inspire a child! There will be Parts of the Cards available for the child to work with so they can have something to hold, identify, take apart if they so desire. I hope to one day see a child get inspire and research musical instruments. Perhaps some child may be inspired to make their own instruments, what a great project that would be!

The Montessori Bells materials would definitely be used for teaching music. I will follow, observe, and present because surely a child will come back to them if they are interested.    

I'll still be working at home as well too, although I will only be offering half day Montessori Preschool classes three times a week. I will service those who need full time care as well, and relying on a lot of support to make the details solid.

If you are interested in reading more about Project Based Learning I highly recommend this book.

Here is a great link that shares how Montessori IS the original Project-based learning..

Well expect to see more postings as it relates to Project Based Learning for the preschool crowd.    

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