The Work Plan

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Candy Land !!

Our local nature center hosted a Halloween event . The theme was based on the game Candy Land.  The children go on  the trail and meet the Candy Land characters, receive a treat along the way, the goal of this was to get to The King Of Candy. It was sooo much fun, we are already hoping this event will take place next year so we can make it a tradition.

 While waiting our turn to go on the Candy Land Trail they got to get their faces painted and make slime.

                                                   Our adventure begins.


                                                   Dj wearing his spider craft.

 This was really a treat for us. The weather was perfect fall weather, and smiles were on their faces the whole time. Thank you to all of the people who made this event possible.

                                                                 Happy Halloween !!

Our Halloween Party

Finally!!  My computer has not been working due to a virus. No lost files this time!  Our Halloween party was so much fun.

               Filling the pinata with candy. I couldn't find a pumpkin pinata anywhere.

                                                           Group picture.

                                             Our parade around the neighborhood.

                                                              Making caramel apples.

  Jamesha arrived late due to a minor car accident on the way to school. Jamesha is still in good spirits.

                                                             Getting to the candy!!


       Our party was very successful, everyone had a good time. After we had our huge morning snack the children still wanted to do some work. I just think they are a fascinating group of children.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wiggling Worms Part 2 (StArt)

 We had lots of fun learning about worms with the book Wiggling Worms by Wendy Pfeffer. We completed two really cool activities to go along with the book.  

                                               Counting Worm Puppet
 The aim of this activity was to color, glue the numbers 1 and 5 in correct number order, and place the stickers on the puppet according to the number on that part of the puppet. Before I gave the children this activity I attached the numbers 2,3,4,. So then the child would only have to glue 1 and 5 in the correct sequence. I also taped the sticks on the back before presenting this activity.


                                                       Placing the stickers on the puppet.

                                                                          Ta  Da!

                                                          Wiggling Worms
 For this activity you just need paint, construction paper, a piece of yarn , and a good book about worms.

                                              What a simple craft! They were totally focused.

   To see other Art&Crafts done by children inspired by reading books please visit StArt at  A MOMMY'S ADVENTURES.

There's A Map On My Lap

 We have been reading some really good books that has inspired the children to do more work in the cultural area. There's A Map on My Lap (All About Maps) By Tish Rabe, this book is part of  The Cat In The Hat Knows All About That series. The other popular book is Homes Around The World by Max Moore, it is published by DK Readers and is beginning to read level 1.

          This is Franklin working with the World Puzzle Map with control map.

DJ is looking at photos of people and places from North America. These card have information about the picture on the bottom.

                                                Here is a close up of two of the photos.


                       Jamesha is looking at pictures of homes from different continents.
                                                  A close up of the pictures.

 On the back I glued a picture of the continent so the children can locate on the continent map puzzle where the home on the picture is from,also  they may want to sort the pictures by continent.

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