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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

   Once again the toddlers have stepped it up. This week I will be making major changes to their enviroment and the types of works that will be put on the shelves. I am torn between allowing them to join the preschool area. The total number of children that I have during the day is twelve. Seven preschoolers and Five toddlers, I don't know if I can do their enviroment right with the small room that they are using. They listen well and have been using their eyes and ears for what the preschoolers have been doing. They know how to use a mat and put their work away. Maybe try it see how it goes. Please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions. Here are a few photos from one of their days last week.

                                                                     Hammering pegs.

                                                                     Color box #1

                                                                Matching objects to pictures.

                                                                       The Pink Tower.

                                          Scooping pinecones,acorns,and leaves into a bowl.

                                                     Matching two piece picture puzzles.

                                           Looking through the Five Senses booklets.

To see other toddlers learning using the montessori method please visit One Hook Wonder.


  1. Hi!
    How old are your toddlers? Are you the only teacher? If yes, how do you manage to have two separated groups in two different rooms? In our classroom, we have a lot of just 2 and half children, a good group of 3 years old and a few 4 years old. So maths and language are on the top shelf and the little ones don't pay attention to it. If they ask for a material that we think they are not ready for it, we just say that we will do it another day and we provide an alternative. We have a lot of practical life works on the shelves and a lot of variations to keep everybody interested. Good luck with your new setting!

  2. Thanks Carine for stopping by and offering help to me. I do have an assistant. Two of the toddlers are 2.5 one is two and the other one is 18 months. I am able to put the maths and language on the top shelf. Just a little nervous about the possibility of distracting the older group. The toddlers are already involved in our circle time.

  3. great to see the younger ones at work too. My middle child would fall into this group.


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