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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Montessori Monday

                              The work that the children chose was all on their level, I was happy to see this. I set up some new work for this week that I hope will be a bit more challenging but not discouraging. I am still working on our enviroment daily. Everyday I notice something that I may have put too high, or the work could have been better prepared for the child to put away easier. I also noticed that the children tend to stay in the area where I put out new work on the shelves. So I decided that if I am going to put new work in the practical life area, I will put new work out in the other areas as well. Karen Tyler gave her students a recommended weekly schedule to go by. At first it was difficult for me to understand and seemed like a lot to do in one week. Now it all makes a whole lot of sense, so I will be following this schedule for the first time this week. Also I noticed that the children follow our daily routine without any  reminders, but I haven't personally settled into a smooth rhythm. I brought myself a timer. I hope the timer will keep me on task to who I need to present to, and how much time I presenting a work to a child. I like to be able to re-present or present new lessons to every child each day, but lacking the rhythm it hasn't gotten done. The timer is for me only it will only be heard not seen. Now for a glimpse into our work week.

                                                                       Practical Life

                                                                            Flour sifting. 

                                                                         Dry pouring.
                                                                  Making playdoh.


                                                                                Pin punching.


Visual discrimination.

Exploring alphabet box. Franklin really loves this work. I could take a picture of him doing this everyday!

Writing letters to family and friends.

Sounding out the word cat. Making a cat with cotton balls.


Knobless cylinders.


Making patterns with apples.

Matching clothing items by pattern design.

Sorting coins.


Sink or Float.

Making the United States' flag.

Apple life cycle sequencing work.

Matching parts of tree puzzle to labeled picture cards.

Parts of the fish puzzle.
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  1. Beautiful activities :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I see that you're doing the apple theme too! We're doing it this week too!

  3. What beautiful work! we'll never get bored!


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