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Monday, October 18, 2010

Montessori Monday

 Their back! Yes thanks to our very popular Peace Table. Our Peace Table is also used for snack and botany work due to space. They are working hard, and being kind to one another. Our week last week is how I pray all of our weeks are like.

                                                                   Practical Life

Using pincer grasp by adding spider rings to the web.

                                                     Cut and paste making an apple tree.

                                                       Apple Slicing.                                                                

                                                           Matching objects to pictures.

                                                                      Letter puzzle.

                                                    Making words with Sandpaper letters.

                                                                Matching words to objects.


                                                         Sandpaper numbers with sand tray.

                                                                        Sorting color cards.

                                                                          Teen Board.

                                                          Tracing Sandpaper Numbers.

                                                             Counting with apple erasers.

                                                                            The 100 Chain.

                                                            Taste tasting apples.

             Graph of our apple taste test. The clothespins represent the apple the child liked best.

                                               Land/Water/Air transportation classification.

                                                                   Insect/Spider sort.

                                                                 Parts Of  The Face cards.

                                                                  United States Flag work.

                                                        Bean puzzle and Tree puzzle.                 

 To see other children learning while doing montessori activities please visit One Hook Wonder.


  1. Love your taste test graphing. what a wonderful way to incorporate fine motor skills.

  2. really like all the fall themed materials. That's something I need to work on.


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