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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Apple Life Cycle Bracelet

          I found this idea on the website Making Learning Fun. This is how I set it up on the shelf.

In the basket are all the materials needed. The picture directions, the red box is to hold the beads when the child takes it out of  the baggie. I prepared the baggies with the beads, so all the child will have to do is take the picture card, a baggie, a pipecleaner, the red box and place it on the tray to carry to their work area.

                                             Here is a picture of the work when it is completed
 Although this is somewhat of a practical life activity I choose to put this on our Botany shelf. This activity reinforces the sequence of the life cycle of the apple in a very concrete way. I will have the child tell me what the bead represents and they hopefully will be able to retell the lifecycle of the apple to me and their parents. The children love taking their work home.

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