The Work Plan

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Decision Has Been Made!

If you are to use grades to measure how successful a school year was then my children had a fantastic school year. If you were to measure by how happy they are to go back to school then the school year was a complete failure for everyone but Michelle. It all started when they had to switch schools due to DJ having a knife pointed at his stomach by a classmate. The new school had great academic standards which appears at first to have been the best place for my children, but it turned out to be a place where I can honestly say where they took the joy out of learning for my little boy. DJ would come home from school very tired and quite different. The more we talked the more he shared about how his classmates were referring to him as the black boy and how the teacher didn't do anything about it. Yes I am that parent who talks directly to the principal about serious matters, the racist comments didn't stop and to be honest I begin to feel the teacher was racist. The more I write about this the more upset I become so lets' just save this subject for another post. I formally homeschooled  Ken in her kindergarten and first grade years. When she went to public school for second grade she tested on third grade level on all subjects. Now entering the fifth grade year she is according to her report card a "C" student. What a shame! Ken's first semester of fourth grade was spent with a teacher who well in my opinon didn't want to teach and it didn't help that Ken didn't show any sign of effort, afterschooling begin to dominant home life. Again this subject is a post on its' own. When I mention the mere thought of going to school DJ shuts down it dosent matter if  he is playing outside, playing his playstation or doing montessori activities. Ken really wants to understand concepts because really she was staring out the classroom window last year and needs one on one before the middle school years come. So I made a decision to homeschool DJ and Ken for the school year 2011-2012.  I am really praying to instill the joy of learning back into my kids heart. The foundation of our curriculum will be to get my kids their flames back, learning is a process, to be able to understand the importance of  getting  an education, ( too many people died for this right ) and to be able to walk in a public/private classroom setting again and feel good about themselves. (preferrably a montessori classrom :)

   Because I can't do a post without pictures here are two books that have been helpful in making a decision about what our academic curriculum will consist of. I love how it comes with different poetry selections and information related to core subjects that can lead to some fun enrichment. Next week sometime I plan to share with you our curriculum choices, and how we will use the Montessori Method in the elementary years.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Child Makes An Observation Outside The Classroom

On the way to TaeKwonDo Mumble made an observation. Mumble said look Ms. T the Constructive Triangles as he was pointing to a sign.

  Very close comparison!  Below are some pictures of Mumble working with the Constructive Triangles.

 I use the templates avaliable on Montessori Print Shop for the children to use as a guide to construct different shapes with this material. Here is an example of one, it is Mumbles' favorite shape to create with the Constructive Triangles.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Montessori Monday

Here are some photos of the children doing various works. These pictures were taken over a period of two weeks. I'll just blame it on summer for my lack of taking pictures. The kids are still working everyday and me taking pictures of them never bothers them. I am going to be slowing down even more with postings as August approaches, it is time for the great inspection. I am due for a renewal of my licensing and it is always good to make sure I dot all of my I's and cross all of my T's. It will probably go well I am in my tenth year of operating a licensed group home day care, so I should be able to pass with flying colors! Except they are always changing or adding new rules!!

                   Building the red knobless cylinders blindfolded.

                                                          Spindle box.

                                                     Washing the baby.


                              Working with Julys' sensory bin.

                     Multiplying with large bead frame.

                                       Knobbed cylinder block.

                         Placing star stickers inside of stars.

                               Pouring using a funnel.

                                                          Knobless cylinders.

                                                        CVC word puzzles.

                          Using the Botany cabinet to match leaves.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Working With Cards and Counters

Lil and Andrew are loving the Cards and Counter work. Lil has learned the proper way to set up the work and complete the work to the best of her abilility. Andrew on the other hand has learned to love the control of error to satisfy his counting needs.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

South America Continent Bin

I quickly put together our South America continent bin due to some of our rainforest activities. This bin is far from being complete but as the children become more interested in our studies I will be adding more.

                                     Whats' Inside?

  We have Animals of South America cards from Montessori Print Shop.

  Objects associated with South America: Rainstick, choclate candy wrapper, and paper money.

I decided to put the cards that show the culture of South America in the form of a book. I purchased the cards from Montessori Print Shop.
                                                              The cover.

                     How the book looks when you open it.

             An example of how one of the pictures look.

A map of South America, again this is from Montessori Print Shop it also came with blackline masters.

  A rainforest game there are four different ways to play this game with two to four people. While playing the game the children learn about the animals and geography of South America.

 A poster with information about Rain Forest animals and where they reside in the four layers of the Rain Forest.

On the shelf we also have matching Rain Forest Animals work, and Three Part Cards of Rain Forest Animals that I will add to the bin when they are ready to move on from the work.                                                              

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New On The Shelves:Math

                                                          Addition Cups

This idea I found in John Bowmans' book  Montessori At Home. The child uses the manipulatives to create an additon problem. I added stamps, pencil, and paper for them to record their answers if they choose to.

                                                  Ladybug Counting

                                                 Multiplication Matchup

 The child matches the problem to the answer. I found this work at the dollar store. This work is for the child who has mastered multiplication facts up to twelve and in my opinion has worked with the small bead frame.                                                                   

Monday, July 11, 2011

He Is Hooked!! The Golden Bead Material

Wow I never knew you could get such a physical workout while doing multiplication. These photos were taken while DJ was working on the same math problem. DJ loves working with the Golden Bead Material it dosen't matter what the operation is.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Random Science Related Lessons

                           Matching Rainforest animals.

  Andrew showing me a skunk? Which led him to learning new vocabulary.....

 Using these three part Rainforest Animal Cards from Montessori Print Shop Andrew discovered that this animal was indeed an Anteater. Not all of the cards are shown that come with the set.

   Learning about the nervous system Ken made this Nerve necklace.


  DJ working on the cover of his Rainforest research pocket guide. This will hold various projects he will complete on his journey of discovering the beautiful diversity of the Amazon Rainforest.


Ken learned some of the basics of engineering this week using this step by step guide from an Engino kit.

                                                                      A house.

                                                                A helicopter.


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Friday, July 8, 2011


I wasn't garage sale hunting but I have a little girl in my life that loves dollhouses and she spotted this find while I was driving down the street. I don't know how she was able to notice this because when we parked the garage sale was so huge I still couldn't find it. For just $25.00 I got this ......

Yes it came with working lights and a few pieces of furniture. I probably could of gotten this cheaper, but it was hard for Ken to contain herself in front of the guy. Ken kept saying ooh and how nice it was and everything. LOL. It was a perfect opportunity to give her a lesson in bargaining and garage sale shopping. I have a golden rule I never pay for the asking price at garage sales this is the fun part to me, I love negotiating!! Any how the price he was asking was $40.00 . Kens' beautiful smile still helped in getting this price lowered. Now we have come up with some many ways of remodeling this to our liking. Ken said we should name this the Counting House since we already have a Grammar Farm. Ken suggested making the floor boards with hundred charts. The possibilities are endless!! Stay tuned to the postings "Remodeling" as we have been inspired to do a lot of creativity with our new find.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making Landforms With Model Magic