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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Random Science Related Lessons

                           Matching Rainforest animals.

  Andrew showing me a skunk? Which led him to learning new vocabulary.....

 Using these three part Rainforest Animal Cards from Montessori Print Shop Andrew discovered that this animal was indeed an Anteater. Not all of the cards are shown that come with the set.

   Learning about the nervous system Ken made this Nerve necklace.


  DJ working on the cover of his Rainforest research pocket guide. This will hold various projects he will complete on his journey of discovering the beautiful diversity of the Amazon Rainforest.


Ken learned some of the basics of engineering this week using this step by step guide from an Engino kit.

                                                                      A house.

                                                                A helicopter.


To see more science related lessons done by kids please visit Adventures In Mommydom for Science Sunday.                                                               

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  1. So many interesting posts! While I was on vacation, I couldn't read posts, now I have a lot to catch up :-)



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