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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New On The Shelves:Math

                                                          Addition Cups

This idea I found in John Bowmans' book  Montessori At Home. The child uses the manipulatives to create an additon problem. I added stamps, pencil, and paper for them to record their answers if they choose to.

                                                  Ladybug Counting

                                                 Multiplication Matchup

 The child matches the problem to the answer. I found this work at the dollar store. This work is for the child who has mastered multiplication facts up to twelve and in my opinion has worked with the small bead frame.                                                                   


  1. Love the little ladybugs! Where did they come from?


  2. Thank you for a leaving nice comments, I really do appreciate them!! I found he ladybugs at the craft store Micheals.

  3. I wish my teachers had set up little math works when I was a kid. This seems so inviting.


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