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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

South America Continent Bin

I quickly put together our South America continent bin due to some of our rainforest activities. This bin is far from being complete but as the children become more interested in our studies I will be adding more.

                                     Whats' Inside?

  We have Animals of South America cards from Montessori Print Shop.

  Objects associated with South America: Rainstick, choclate candy wrapper, and paper money.

I decided to put the cards that show the culture of South America in the form of a book. I purchased the cards from Montessori Print Shop.
                                                              The cover.

                     How the book looks when you open it.

             An example of how one of the pictures look.

A map of South America, again this is from Montessori Print Shop it also came with blackline masters.

  A rainforest game there are four different ways to play this game with two to four people. While playing the game the children learn about the animals and geography of South America.

 A poster with information about Rain Forest animals and where they reside in the four layers of the Rain Forest.

On the shelf we also have matching Rain Forest Animals work, and Three Part Cards of Rain Forest Animals that I will add to the bin when they are ready to move on from the work.                                                              


  1. Wow! You have a GREAT blog! I'm really impressed :)I'll have to visit a while. I just love this post and the book you made is a great idea! I have those Montessori Print Shop cards too, but never thought to put them in book form. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been clicking through the folks who follow Training Happy Hearts to be sure I am following them back. When I saw your name, I remembered that I had not checked out your blog in quite a while since time online ha been so limited, so i came on over and started clicking about.

    I love this post. It inspires me to make THIS year the one when I FINALLY get my continent boxes in order. Thx!


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