The Work Plan

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Are Working!!

Today was a very different kind of day. The children that I made the workplan for this week didn't show up for school today for some reason or another. So I decided to see how much absorption my toddlers have been taken in and when they were free to work with materials. My eyes were moving and my mouth was closed!!   Here is our just turned one year old with the Pink Tower just happy that he has it in front of him  feeling it. The work with the duck is tweezer work this two and a half year old made it his own work by working on his pincer grasp.Yeah ,below The Sound / No Sound  egg work this one year old made it a matching work. The Cylinder Block kept this two year old busy for 45 minutes!! The Bird Puzzle yes completed by another two year old. Note, no work mats were used but they managed to define their own work space. I think I got more than I could chew when I started this "Montessori Stuff". Now what do I do?(lol)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Show and Tell/ Nano Day

This Saturday my kids and I were on our way to the rose garden to take some pictures. First I wanted to stop by The Impression Five Museum to buy some marbles.  When we finally made it inside this is what we found FREE Nano Day!! They had many different types of exhibits set up for the children to understand Nano, and if you completed all of the activities you receive a magnifying glass. Here are a few pictures of our Nano Day. The picture above was "The Lotus Effect" This is the pulley machine.Nano Twister
This exhibit the chidren had to match the object nano sizes to what it really was.
      We had a really good time and yes they received the free magnifying glasses. Thank you Impression Five Museum.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Work Plan:Week of March 29,2010

Language: Monday; The Preposition  Game, Sound Bins, Circle Inset
Tuesday; preposition card match sound bins,ovid inset. Wednesday; Preposition three part cards,sound bin, rectangle inset.
Thursday; Prepositon sentence cards, sound bins. Friday; Rhyming words, classified cards school
Math: Monday; Number Rods,sandpaper numbers, matching eggs to number. Tuesday;Number Rods, number line work, sandpaper numbers. Wednesday; Number Rods , matching quantity to number work, sandpaper numbers. Thursday; Number Rod Pattern work, sandpaper numbers, egg stair.
Sensorial: Monday; Sound no Sound, Gemetric Solid Sphere. Tuesday; Sound Boxes, Geometric Solid Ovoid. Wednesday; Brown Stairs with marble, Geometric Solid Rectangular Prism. Thursday; Color Box #2, Gemetric Solid card matching sphere, ovid, and rectangular prism.
Physical Science: Magnetic/ Non-Magnetic
Seasons: Monday; Matching Picture cards. Tuesday; Spring three part cards
Botany; Monday: Plant or Animal card sorting. Tuesday; Parts of flower, flower puzzle. Wednesday: Matching flower  parts
Astronomy: Monday; Learning names of planets, matching planets. Tuesday; Solar System poster. Wednesday; Build Solar System Model. Thursday; Solar System Order work
Geography: Monday; Landforms Island, Lake. Tuesday; Matchng Landform cards to model Wednesday; Continent Globe, matching continent cards. Thursday; Pin Punching Continents.
Zoology; Monday;  Begin Bird Unit, parts of the bird, pictures of different birds. Tuesday; Matching partsof the bird cards, Reread A Nest Full Of Eggs. Wednesday; Matching Bird Cards, lifecycle of birds. Thursday; Parts of bird three part card.
Practical Life:  Monday; walking the line with a tray, taking care of our nails,. Tuesday : egg slicing, tonging egg, Wednesday: how to greet a visitor, dry pouring with a funnel. Thursday: prepare our snack area.
Art: This week the children will be using various collage materials to decorate a cardboard egg, neclace work, and dyeing eggs.
Theme:  This week storytelling read is"Ressurection Eggs" by FamilyLife., with the eggs the children will have the tools to retell the easter story.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Montessori Monday

Matching keys to locks. Playdoh

Table Scrubbing.Pin punching a constellation.Wet pouring ,cleaning up a spill. ( this child corrected herself by naturally putting the sponge down then properly completing the work cycle)

The children and I really had a good week. These are the only pictures I had that did not show the childrens' faces.The parents and I have agreed to not show any faces just yet.   This is the first time I participating in Montessori Monday. Please leave a comment.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Language Work

 Here is our "Bb" Sound Bin.
I have a sandpaper letter, I have an activity that the children can use with the moveable alphabet,the onethat has a picture of a bat on it. A Alphabet Tale "Bb" book. A sound Book. A sound card that I found on the blog Beautiful Sun Montessori. There are sound cards as well as sound objects. I also put a booklet of pictures of the sound that children can use to make their own sound book that I was able to create using the printables from Homeschool Creations.
This work allows the child to make use of The Moveable Alphabet. This work I found at Montessori Printshop. The child is using the sandpapers for the first time so he is excited. When I showed him this picture of him, he realized that the letter was upside down.Oh the power of observations!!!
I am a student of Karen Tyler at Worldwide Montessori. Mrs. Tyler has shown us how to create sound bins in the montessori classroom. I started using the sound bins yesterday. It was a huge success. Also I would like to thank MommyMoment for connecting me to other bloggers and ideas on montessori language works

Friday, March 12, 2010

School Set Up

Here are some pictures sof how our school is set up with the montessori materials we have in our possesion right now. I will include more pictures as soon as I can figure out how to actually blog with pictures.
I am in montessori teacher training with Karen Tyler Worlwide Montessori. I stumbled upon the montessori method while studying for my  degree in early childhood development. It has been a life changing experience for me. I am a licensed childcare group home provider , I have been doing this for eight years in my home. Well I haven't been able to stop montessori thoughts, montessori works, or the method from leaving my head. I have yet to complete my degree because I have been so invested into making the montessori method  a part of life for the children in my care, really now I don't see any other way but to follow the child and guide them through a prepared enviroment. So please join us in the great pursuit of "The Work Plan" that will help strengthen each childs' greatest abilities and find who I am as a Guide. This blog is a tool that I will use to monitor my observations of children and pray that I can contribute something to the study of child development that will lead to world peace. I am a wife to a very intelligent, patient man. I have three brilliant children who have all applied to be writers on this blog. So following the child is what I do. The oldest who is 12 years old  has been offered the job of book reviewer, her qualifications is a love for books, a sixth grader who has tested  to read at college level, and has already received her first college schloarship offer.  The middle child who is nine years old wants to be  the toy reviewer. You haven't seen a toy connoisseur until you meet her dosen't matter if its' a toy you have her interest, until the toy dosen't do what it has said it would do,  then it becomes return to sender. The youngest who is five years old is always looking for a challenge, anything you name it. He will help create our weekly challenge for the children that attend our school(daycare) here and anyone who reads this can participate in his weekly challenge.