The Work Plan

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Are Working!!

Today was a very different kind of day. The children that I made the workplan for this week didn't show up for school today for some reason or another. So I decided to see how much absorption my toddlers have been taken in and when they were free to work with materials. My eyes were moving and my mouth was closed!!   Here is our just turned one year old with the Pink Tower just happy that he has it in front of him  feeling it. The work with the duck is tweezer work this two and a half year old made it his own work by working on his pincer grasp.Yeah ,below The Sound / No Sound  egg work this one year old made it a matching work. The Cylinder Block kept this two year old busy for 45 minutes!! The Bird Puzzle yes completed by another two year old. Note, no work mats were used but they managed to define their own work space. I think I got more than I could chew when I started this "Montessori Stuff". Now what do I do?(lol)

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