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Monday, April 5, 2010

Review and Reflect

Last week was quite a different week for us. It was the first time that I did group presentations using the montesori method. The children were very responsive to receiving the attention that they all got from me at the same time, but I think it caused some confusion,because now everyone wants the "Lesson" at the same time. I did notice that some children that I thought the work would be over their heads took it in. The children that I just knew would grasp the concept just wasn't interested in it;  For example the Bird unit, well lets just say it was for the birds. The week was also interrupted by people taking a earlier than expected vacation from school  due to the easter holiday or ill. I am conducting a year round school program so the time the children have away shouldn't stop their learning in anyway. So this week the plan is to have a WorkPlan that involves all subjects areas in Astronomy we will focus on What is in the sky? Day/Night/ Moon changes.  The book Papa Please Get The Moon For Me is our foundation. For geography we will be learning the layers of the earth, making a paper mache of the earth, from their the children will be creating the rest of the works as I continue to make observations. Of course last week plans except for the bird unit that has been replaced with Animals and Their Feet is still in effect. We will continue to have work cycles that make the children feel good and independent.

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