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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Language Explosion !!!

The kids vocabulary here has been growing daily. The two year olds have been able to say what they want and need, and have shown a great love for books. They have been very careful with the books, and have put the books back on the shelves. A couple of months ago when they were allowed to touch the books they were grabbing more than one book at a time,sit down,open one book, then walking away from them. Guiding with the montessori method has taught them how to handle books ,and take care of the enviroment. They are very proud of coming to "school" everyday. The three and up gang have asked so many new questions. When some respond to my questions they are using words like usually, actually. Storytelling has been a wonderful time and most children are answering the questions that we are discussing at the moment.

 I always felt that having a second language to explore is fun and a valuable asset. With all of the language development going on I didn't want to miss their sensitive period and have decided starting next week to implement a foreign language to the children. I decided to expose them to the Latin  language. I will be using SongSchool Latin by Amy Rehn you can find this program at Classical Academic Press there they offer many other languages and resources to help you along the way. I started this program with my own children a year ago. They loved it , but it slowly got pushed aside.  The program is geared  to begin with children as early as three years old. It comes with a great music cd that help the children learn the language through music. Also it has a companion workbook that  helps the child who can write to practice the language by reading and writing, also there are plenty of extra activities to go with each lesson. This program is exactly for anyone to teach Latin who hasn't had any exposure to the language at all. I am trying right now to put together three part cards. For now I think the music is so great that they will enjoy that. I am anticipating the moveable alphabet may even get worked with more.

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