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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Like Magic

Today for a group presentation  I introduced Liquid, and Solids. We read a couple of pages from the book below. This book gives a very good explanation of what liquids and solids are , the kids were able to relate to the geometric solids very quickly as we were searching for solids in the classroom. Then we did this experiment that shows how liquid can change into a solid. In the tube is Instant Solid Powder by Smart Tubes I purchased this at our science museum here in Lansing, Michigan. Next to it is our liquid of choice water.So you measure the powder to the amount of water, and like magic it turns into a solid. So to prove that the liquid turned into a solid this child had to turn it upside down to see if it would spill. Lots of fun this was. The Smart Tubes comes with other experiments that we will also try.

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