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Monday, April 19, 2010

Montessori Monday

 Today there wasn't any new lessonsI learned for this group Monday just isn't the day to do this. Some activities that  I was able to take pictures of is a language activity that I  downloaded from Where Do Things Come From? I found matching objects so the children could get a more concrete understanding of this work. Another activity that I saw a child stay engaged for a while was matching numbers to the outline, he started making it a number line activity, matched, and the placed it on the tray to show me his work. Again this two year old really amazes me. She pays close attention to the olders, when someone was fininshed sweeping, she ran for it so she could give it try. She always stays focused on her task, it may not be for long, but that is what she does. You may recognize her in other photos. This child shows interest in almost every subject.  Again she is two years old!!  The overall activity level was very high today the children were ready to come to work today. The weather today didn't allow for much outdoor play. They used the best of their work time today.  I will keep my fingers cross but it looks like everything is coming together here. Once again I would like to thank onehookwonder for allowing me to share. By the way I am just learning how to blog, I have no idea how to grab a button, or how to get my pictures to go with what I am talking about.  Please continue to read and maybe, just maybe you will be able to see growth.

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