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Monday, April 26, 2010

Montessori Monday

The children last week tried out some new things, They really still stayed mostly in the practical life area, which was just fine with me. The Practical Life actvities prepare them for all the other areas. We are not in a hurry here and we enjoy our moments of order. My oldest in the group is working with the blue constructive triangles. He spotted the new design cards and got busy. He stayed focused and created another piece of work, by tracing the six point star, he only asked me if I could write the name of the design for him on the paper. The next picture is a example of sequencing the growth of the Oak tree. The child colored, sequenced, then glued  the cards on the construction paper.  Last week I also was given the opportunity to present the teen board for the first time. I say the student was ready, so the presentation went well.  This child started the montessori method when I did in November. I am really proud of Tie -Tie. This is not his real name. I know I will probably be talking about him alot. The other child is excavating for rocks. This girl with the letter Z is coloring with great concentration and giving this work great deteail,  Z is the first letter in her name, and she is really proud of that. Creating works for children is becoming a really fun hobby of mine. When I see the enjoyment and the learning they are engaged in I continue to do better . I really enjoy learning from them. If you want to see what others are doing go over to OneHookWonder


  1. Very nice post and shots of your children doing their work...question...where did you get your design cards for the blue constructive triangles? Did you make them or purchase them?
    Nice sequencing cards for the oak tree...we have some oaks around us, but they are covered in Spanish moss. We mostly have palm trees nearby though.
    Have a happy Monday!

  2. Thank you. I purchased the cards from montessori printshop. I think they were under $2.00.

  3. Thanks for participating in Montessori Monday! Looks like a fun week full of creative lessons - so inspiring. :)

  4. Greetings! I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading to get ideas for my two little ones.

  5. Meant to post a comment to say thanks for listing where you got the a big, belated thanks. I love what you do for Montessori Monday posts, as well as all of your other posts. Have a happy weekend:)


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