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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Water Cycle

 This week we wrapped up a unit on the water cycle. The kids really enjoyed our various lessons and activites. We made rain gauges, unfortunately the rain stopped after we put our rain gauges outside. So to gain a better understand of how to use a rain gauge,  I put a pouring water to the line activity on the shelf. I wrote the numbers one through four on the glass. The children would call out which number they were going to pour to and this seemed to get to the point of the job of a rain gauge. Independently when pouring they were just pouring to a line. The best enjoyed activitiy was making the water cycle bracelet. I found this activity at Making Learning Fun. I presented the activity by making a bracelet and saying what the color of the bead represented. Once it was on the shelf the children chose the work and made their bracelets.

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  1. Hi, just found your blog, and really like your posts, I use Montessori woth my own children and daycare children in the UK, looking forward to reading more and linking to your posts!!



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