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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Camera Shy!!

So I was looking through my photos while I was preparing materials for some new works. These pictures were taking when the children were not use to me walking around with the camera.  A lot of of my best observations have been after paying close attention to the pictures that I have taken.  I can notice things that actually explains where the child may be at developmentaly. O.K the child with the black vest on I have observed in interactions with others trying to be a part of their work and it wasn't ever going the way she wanted it to. I am guiding her with lessons on how to ask if you can watch them, also I show her the proper way to join a group. "Z" is very well spoken and does a great job when we are one on one. Since the pictures were taken she has moved into parallel play. Parallel play is when activities in which two or more children play (work) near one another while engaging in independent activities. "Z" is growing in a very positive way, she is on her way to longer work periods, and feeling really good after she completes her work. "Z" also ask if she can do some "works at home". You might can recognize "Z" from a earlier post working on scrubbing a table. All the kids that I care for are very  special and beautiful to me. I thought I take a moment to share some of the smiles I get to receive everyday.

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