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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Sun

   My son DJ loves cars. So when he received this car he was very excited, opening it up asking do we have batteries. I told him this remote control car dosen't need batteries.
He didn't understand it at first at all. I told him it "Runs on the Sun".  Then just as I hoped he would he asked "How does it do that"?  So we begin our discovery with these parts of the sun cards.We discussed the parts of the sun and what each part job did. He got it he said " the sun gives us heat." He was really into it now. So we put the solar powered remote control outside to soak up some heat. While waiting for the car to get powered up he made the parts of the sun book.
                Also while waiting we decided to read the manual to the car. The solar powered ecomobile needs no batteries ever. We learned that the approximate run time is when the ecomobile is exposed to the sun is 1 hour equals 5 minutes of play, so for every hour that it is in the sun you can add 5 more minutes of play time.  It was time to go try this solar powered vehicle out. 

It worked but the play time didn't last long. He was disappointed and was trying to come up with ways to get the car running again. He said " I know we can put it under the light, the sun  gives us light". So we went inside and put the car under the light.

He was staring at the car like it was going to beep or something when it was going to be ready again. So I said all this talk about light has me thinking about color box #3 why don't you go work with that and use the sun on the mat as your guide and he did this.

 Now  it was time to go back outside and see if it would work after being placed under the light. It worked!!. I love the  unexpected lessons that can come from following the child. This was so much fun. I am linking this to Science Sunday hosted by Adventures In Mommydom.


  1. This is a great experiment to teach about the energy from the sun. I am with you I love watching the learning that truly comes from within a child's desire to know. That is the best learning there is!

  2. We love solar things here too. Where did you get your sun 3 part cards from please?

  3. Kylie, I purchased the sun cards from montessori printshop.

  4. Great post, I will be linking this week. If you don't want to be featured please let me know.

  5. What a wonderfully simple science lesson that followed his interests so well.


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