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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Metal Insets

Here is "Z" working with the metal insets. Z has been working with the metal insets for three months on. She first used them daily then she did them at least once a week. I have only given her two presentations on this work. Z turned four years old in April.  This week I have been encouraging her to do more independent work . Well with Mothers' Day coming this week , it inspired Z to make her mom this card. Z did this work for her mother with no help from me,  I didn't even help her spell.  I  love it when I can see the method right before my eyes. First metal insets then comes writing .  I really tried to control my excitement for Z but just couldn't. When Z saw my face she said " I made this for my mother"(lol). With all the excitement she thought that I thought she made it for me. Keep up the good work "Z"!!


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  2. Hello there AGAIN! I've been reading many of your posts. I'm seeing so many cool things. I have a question... I've been working with the vowels (sandpaper and object/picture matching) for some time now. I feel that my 3 yo should already know this. Any recommendations? I know I need to be patient as I began to teach him using MONTESSORI on December 2009. This is exactly the time I discovered Montessori.


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