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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


                                                         THE STORY OF DJ
DJ was born on May 5,2004 in the state of Michigan, the country United States Of America, in the continent of North America, on the planet Earth. He had to be held and taken care of all the time, couldn't talk to momma or daddy when needed, had to wear diapers, drank lots of milk and slept most of the time. By six months DJ could sit up all by himself. When DJ was 1 year old he began to sing the abc song along with his mommy and daddy. At 2 years old he begin to recognize letters and say their sounds. When DJ was 3 years old he began sounding out words, could talk complete sentences and loved playing with cars. At home DJ helped by keeping his room clean and organizing the bookshelf. And now DJ is 6 years old!!  He can read Magic Treehouse books all by himself! His favorite color is black, favorite food is pizza, favorite thing to do is play with his cars. His favorite book is Dinosaurs by Discovery Kids.
                                                        DJ is my one and only son , my husband and I decided to surprise him with a clown . It is also my husbands' birthday today. I Love You  Two!! Happy Birthday!! Here is a pictures of him with the clown at his celebration today.


  1. Happy Birthday, DJ! We just made it home now, wish we could stay longer to celebrate together... It was very nice seeing you all and spending time together! Hope to see you guys soon again ;) Love you!

  2. Happy Birthday to your son. I hope you found the pink always bothers me when I lose one of the smaller Montessori equipment.One time one of my kids dropped a box of golden beads! And I also lost the smallest cube to find it one year later! Thank goodness it came with two.


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