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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Plan Is Working

The toddlers have been keeping very focused on their missions. Because of the school setup which is in my basement the toddlers share the same space as the preschoolers. The space my not be ideal, but its working out for them. They watch, listen, and learn from their older peers. They are amazing to watch and see what happens when the information clicks. Heres a glimpse.
Here is "Kay" working with the squeezing the bottle activity exercising the whole hand, cleaning up a small spill someone else left with no prompting, and sensorially working with the number rods.

Meet "Amber" she is "Kay"'s twin sister. Cleaning is her thing. It is her favorite work, she shares this work a lot with "N". Stringing work she likes as well.

"Jamesha"  has shared interests in many different works she likes sweeping, getting her hands dirty in the sensory bin, working with color tablets, and the list could go on and on. Whenever I present any work to another child she wants to sit and watch.

"Dre" wants to do work that he sees the olders doing. Here he is working with color box #2 . He knows the matches to some, he does this work everyday I say this may be his favorite. The preschoolers love the company of the toddlers who have learned to carry on their own business without disturbing them. This is "Lil"  doing her work showing "Dre" how to count to ten as she is building a number line caterpillar. "Dre" is paying very close attention to every word she says.

When we started montessori here I was thinking how to set up the enviroment so that I could kinda gate off a area where the toddlers could just stay in that area. I tried and this happened they broke the gate down.I knew I had to develop a new plan. From this point on they have shared our space and I am loving it! Thanks for stopping by. Now go to One Hook Wonder and see other toddlers that are breaking down gates (lol), I mean learning the montessori way.

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  1. well, I bet you'll never put up a gate again :)
    Looks like they're doing just great. Lovely mix of kids.


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