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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Straight Lines, Curved Lines

 Today I introduced the concept of straight lines and curved lines to the kids and they knocked it out the box!!!So I scrambled to put this together to keep the momentum high. The tray has chopsticks, paint, paintbrush, a cup of water to use if they wanted to use both paints.The kids practiced painting curved lines and straight lines on the chopsticks. They turned out pretty cool. They were so excited about their work so I decided to turn on some hype music. Then they discovered that they could also use their work for rhythm sticks.Then of course we had to see if we could keep our rhythm while we walked the line.  I couldn't of prepared myself for such a great response to presenting a concept like straight lines and curves lines to three, four and five years old children. But when you use the montessori method anything  is possible!!


  1. Very cool going to put this out for Little Bro, as Big Bro has work out about open and closed figures and they would be complimentary lessons, I think...
    thanks so much for sharing! When we do our version of this, along with the open and closed work, I will link back to you and give you credit. Love your blog:)

  2. Are those pipe cleaners you're using? I love it!

  3. Ticia,
    The string I used was cut from a colored clothesline.

  4. love this idea will be trying this


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