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Monday, May 3, 2010

Montessori Monday

The children last week were ready to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy. There week started like all other weeks staying in the practical life area for the majority of the time. As the week progressed they begin to sense their liberty of freedom to go ahead and practice what was being presented to them. The activities that I have photos to share are: Using chopsticks to sort and count, scissor practice, matching the world map puzzle pieces to the control map, number rods, and bead stair work. Six months ago when I had just begun this montessori discovery, I would introduce the presentations, encourage the children, and observe. I have to be honest I thought I might not be doing the right thing.  I feel as I guide I have developed a patience I thought I had before but really didn't. Following the child requires observation and wait -and -see. I am so glad I waited!!!  They have worked up to a two hour uninterrupted work period.. I love you  Dr. Marie Montessori your legacy is alive and well here in Michigan.  Please go see what others are doing with their children using the montessori method at OneHookWonder.


  1. I lvoe your passion for teaching with the Montessori method. Oh, to have a dedicated preactical life (and other!) areas. For now, we just do "works" where and when we can. But, this week, we had lots of fishy fun with them.

  2. The uninterrupted work period is key, isn't it?
    Looks like they selected a nice variety of work...enjoyed your post.
    hope that you'll pop by to read mine today, although I don't have any photos up yet to go with the post.
    Have a great day!


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