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Monday, May 24, 2010

Montessori Monday

 The kids were very specific on the works that they wanted to worked with. Their repetiveness of the work allowed them to gain confidence, like of the work, and build concentration.

"Lil" working with pouring water, and pencil sharpening. "Lil" has been with me for two months now. She is now completing work cycles. Her favorite area right now is practical life.

"Z" working with polishing leaves, blue knobless cylinders, matching sight words from ladybugs to leaves.

"Tie-Tie" actually spent most of his time working with "Zodiworks" a language activity, he says "I love Sam". "Sam" is the title of book #1. He also worked with the binomial cube, here he is doing the "Binomial Cube Parade". As always he is dusting our shelves. This prompted rearranging of materials, he clued me in on things that needed to be in order for our "prepared enviroment".

The work was very calm. I could look at them and tell that they were relishing in their work. They stayed busy, but most importantly they found works that matched their skills, and a bit challenging at the same time. To see what others are doing with their children using the montessori method pop over to One Hook Wonder.

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  1. They do look focused indeed, you do a great job with them and keeping the activities fresh/engaging.


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