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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Preposition Game

 This language activity just became one of the most used language works around here lately. It helps children to learn words that describe the relationship between objects. The labeled picture cards show the location of the ball to the basket. The cards can be made into three part cards if you like. I purchased this Seven Preposition Activity  from Montessori Services.  It also comes with replicards to make a book, and word cards to use to make sentences. The children have just been enjoying matching the ball and basket to the picture cards.

 This is " Kay" having fun matching the cards and working with the ball and basket. This material first sat on the shelves untouched for a long period. I was cleaning the shelves and placed it in a different location and put it in a basket that was just the right size to fit everything in. They noticed it the very next day like it was brand new. So now I am looking around to find better places and containers for other untouched materials.

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