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Friday, May 7, 2010

Practical Life

Meet  "N". She turned three years old in March. "N" has a great language vocabulary, and spends most of her hours in the Practical Life area. What I have observed about her is that she gets a great satisfaction for cleaning. "N" is becoming a great sweeper look at the dust pan, she is getting every bit of the sand off the floor. I know that the dust pan should be adjusted for her, but I haven't been able to come across a dust pan her size yet. Pouring is her game. She can pour very well . I can remember when "N" would even miss the tray and water would be all over the place. When she pours she is constantly wearing a smile. "N"'s favorite phrase lately is " Are there anymore dishes to be cleaned?" The minute she walks in the door she does the dishes. I can count on "N" to complete the work cycle of this task.  When her parents ask me what "N"  did today and has become very repetitive. They say "N"  has been helping out at home with chores!! They are working on trying to accomodate "N" doing the dishes at home. Have you ever heard of this before, A three year old doing the dishes? Way to go "N" !! I am realizing more and more how important the practical life activities are so valuable to the children. I  really like how the montessori method dosen't assume that the child should know how to pour, sweep, or do the dishes. It is broken down into steps so the child can be successful at the task. The montessori method shows us that children are capable of independence. I don't know how long this sensitive period for "N" will last , but I am sure appreciating the help around here.(lol)

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