The Work Plan

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple Observation

                           This work came from Montessori Print Shop "Apple Unit Starter".
               Mumble really enjoyed doing this work, and it did jump start his interest in apples.


Mumble is recording what the outside of the apple looks like, and what he thinks the inside of the apple will look like.

Measuring the circumference of the apple using a non-standard measuring tool.

                                                          Measuring the height of the apple.

 Mumble guessed that the apple had ten seeds inside. Slicing the apple to see if he is correct.

Looking for the seeds.

Gluing the five seeds he found onto his paper.

                                                   Mumbles completed work and taste test.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Apple Stair / Mathematics

                                            Here is an example of a way that I try to incorporate all areas of studies into our many subjects. We are learning about Apples in botany.  The children's interest in learning about apples is stronger than I thought it would be. So to take advantage of the interest I came up with a way to use apples as a manipulative for the montessori math material Short Bead Stair.

                                                              Short Bead Stair
 Aim: Preparation for the teen, and teen boards,etc.
                                                                        The Apple Stair

                                                            Below is a photo that shows how the child will use the Short Bead Stair material for a contol of error. It is always important to me when I make a extension that the montessori material still be used.  I believe the materials that Dr.Montessori created if used properly in repetition is better than meeting some of the aims.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Washing Toddler Style (Toddler Tuesday)

                                        Apples + Water =Toddler Fun

                                1. First find a empty bucket,basket,veggie brush, and two cloths.
                          2. Fill your bucket with water and your favorite fruit or veggie wash.
                                    Note: Pay careful attention to the temperature of the water.

                                3. Put your apples in the bucket.

 4. Show your toddler how to use a cloth or veggie brush to clean the apples. The other cloth will be used for drying the apples.
                             Important: DO NOT SAY A WORD, JUST EXAGGERATE YOUR MOVEMENTS.

                                      5. Ask your toddler if they would like to do this work.
                                           (They will say YES!!)
                                      6. Give them the veggie brush or cloth.
                                      7. Relax, Observe, and Laugh!!

                                                                 Jessica is 26 months.

Exploring the materials.

                                                                    Scrubbing the apple.

                                                         Happy is 17 months.

                                                        Using her hands to feel the materials.

                                          Trying to hold the apple. I should of used smaller apples.
Got it!! Happy worked long and hard and was able to hold the apple in one hand, the veggie brush in the other hand, AT THE SAME TIME!!
                                                    Jessica and Happy worked with this work individually with focused attention for about a hour. I really believe Happy could of went on for a longer period but it was time for lunch. To see other toddlers doing montessori activities visit One Hook Wonder.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Montessori Monday

                       Wonderful school week! Our routine is going smoothly. Here are some pictures of the children in action.

                                                                  Practical Life


                                                                    Chopping celery.   

                                                                  Velcro Dressing Frame.  

                                                                 Using eyedropper to paint.


Circle Metal Inset.

Working with Aa Sound Bin.

Sandpaper letters with sound objects.

Writing the letters Aa in sand.

                                                                Cylinder Block.  

                                                                          Mystery Bag.


                                                                 Parts of a fish puzzle.

                                The weather changed drastically last week which I think contributed to some children been absent here and there. When the children came to school they were ready to work.The runny noses, sneezing and coughing did not keep them from being focused as usual. To see others learning the montessori way pop over to One Hook Wonder.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rebus Readers

                                                I have been using Rebus Readers that come with the mothergoosetime curriculum. The children love them so much ! They have even asked if they can take them home. I noticed that they been checking out the bookshelf more often, in hopes of finding more books like the rebus readers.

The first rebus reader that I introduced the children to came with a easy to do art project to go along with the story.          

                                                             The Surprise Party
                                            Here are the picture cards that came with the story.

                                                                Our Peek a Boo Craft.

                                  Mumble used the moveable alphabet with the picture cards.

What is it?

This rebus reader introduces the children to the sight words it, is , a.

                                          Pictures of some of the pages inside of the book.

                                                                 The back of the book.


During our line time before lunch we play "say it fast" using the sight words. I have the sight words hanging on a clothesline.

      I point to each word as I read them.  For example I will say "it is a c-a-t". The children will then say the word cat fast. It has really improved their phonemic awareness. It is truly a fun way to learn sight words. We also have been turn taking on who is going to read the sight words and sound out a word.

                                           Since the children all have been asking to take books home I made up book buddy bags with the rebus readers inside. They have been really good at bringing the materials back to school the same way they left.        


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Continents and Oceans

My son DJ is a magnet to montessori materials. Whenever there are new materials placed on any shelf  he is in a zone. He is a real motivator for me to get materials made, find extensions for materials, and to work harder to purchase more. I finally put out our Puzzle Map Of Continents and Oceans on the shelf, he was hooked.
                                                                       Getting started.

Using the control map for the World Map Puzzle.

                            Now he is using the World Map Puzzle for the continent puzzle pieces. 

Completing the Continent/Ocean Puzzle.
                                                                 Labeling the Oceans.

                           The Puzzle Map Of Continents and Oceans caught DJ by surprised. DJ didn't realize how big of a work this can be. DJ was able to work with two maps at the same time, he is learning about what oceans are by what continent. We are always laughing with amazement over the materials and how the materials are connected to one another. By the way I been meaning to mention this about DJ. He is in a sensitive period when dealing with clothes. He has his favorites and he may wear it all week. The pictures above are when DJ was wearing "pajamas". It is O.K, he is required to wear a uniform to school. So it is something that no one sees but the family, and you guys. DJ always picks out his new favorite outfit on Friday so I do get to wash the other clothes during the weekend. I remember going through this with Ken, I just didn't know what it was all about. Live and learn!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Is Here !

Today the children that were present went on a nature walk to see if  they could find any signs of Fall. The more we observed the more we found. Here are our finds described by the children.

                                                                   Big leaf.

                                                                           Orange leaf. 

                                                               Lots of big leaves.

                                                                     Small red leaf.                   

                                                     A tree with lots of  red leaves .

                                                                             A mushroom.

                                   Our collection of leaves we brought back from the walk.

                                     Now we are preparing our first nature table ever. 


                                                            Our Nature Table

                               I think they did a fantastic job! I love our nature table !!