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Monday, September 13, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

                                              What I love about the toddler group is their willingness to try new things. Sometimes I have things set up for the preschoolers who end up wanting nothing to do with this. The toddlers really boost up the momentum here, just give the activity to the toddlers they will do it.

                                                   Weigh Ins/Measurement

Vinny, age 2.

Happy,age 17mths.

                                             Jessica, age 2.
                                            Our Works

                                            Eating snack together.

Listen and Do, Johnny Appleseed puppet.

                                                             Learning to string with spools.

Working with tongs.Vinny is placing the apple eraser between the tongs,eventually she used her pincer grasp to complete this work. 
                                         Latchboard. This was a very popular work last week.

                                                                    Carrying a tray.

Dot markers, their all time favorite activity.

                               Now pop over to One Hook Wonder to see what other toddlers are doing.

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