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Monday, September 27, 2010

Montessori Monday

                       Wonderful school week! Our routine is going smoothly. Here are some pictures of the children in action.

                                                                  Practical Life


                                                                    Chopping celery.   

                                                                  Velcro Dressing Frame.  

                                                                 Using eyedropper to paint.


Circle Metal Inset.

Working with Aa Sound Bin.

Sandpaper letters with sound objects.

Writing the letters Aa in sand.

                                                                Cylinder Block.  

                                                                          Mystery Bag.


                                                                 Parts of a fish puzzle.

                                The weather changed drastically last week which I think contributed to some children been absent here and there. When the children came to school they were ready to work.The runny noses, sneezing and coughing did not keep them from being focused as usual. To see others learning the montessori way pop over to One Hook Wonder.


  1. Hi!

    I happened to notice you have "airplanes" in your "A" sound bin? I know you are trained through Karen Tyler and I don't think this was clear in her album...all the objects and pictures you use with the letter "A" have to use the "A" sound as in "apple." "Airplane" would be in the sound bin for the double-letter sound "ai" along with things like "train" or "aim." "Acorn" would start with the "ai" sound also, but you wouldn't be able to put in a "ai" sound bin because the spelling wouldn't match. You would have to save something like "acorn" for when you cover the different spellings of phonograms after the green series.

    If I am seeing this incorrectly, my apologies. Otherwise, just trying to help...we all have to learn together :)

  2. Thank you!! It is a mistake that I noticed when I introduced this drawer to the child. However he was interested in the airplane, so I just kept it in the drawer for the moment. Yes I agree we all have to learn together. Thank you for leaving me this comment.

  3. Hey bloggy friend, I love your blog and I think you really deserve an award which is waiting for you at my blog! We are so happy we found you! Blessings!


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