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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Washing Toddler Style (Toddler Tuesday)

                                        Apples + Water =Toddler Fun

                                1. First find a empty bucket,basket,veggie brush, and two cloths.
                          2. Fill your bucket with water and your favorite fruit or veggie wash.
                                    Note: Pay careful attention to the temperature of the water.

                                3. Put your apples in the bucket.

 4. Show your toddler how to use a cloth or veggie brush to clean the apples. The other cloth will be used for drying the apples.
                             Important: DO NOT SAY A WORD, JUST EXAGGERATE YOUR MOVEMENTS.

                                      5. Ask your toddler if they would like to do this work.
                                           (They will say YES!!)
                                      6. Give them the veggie brush or cloth.
                                      7. Relax, Observe, and Laugh!!

                                                                 Jessica is 26 months.

Exploring the materials.

                                                                    Scrubbing the apple.

                                                         Happy is 17 months.

                                                        Using her hands to feel the materials.

                                          Trying to hold the apple. I should of used smaller apples.
Got it!! Happy worked long and hard and was able to hold the apple in one hand, the veggie brush in the other hand, AT THE SAME TIME!!
                                                    Jessica and Happy worked with this work individually with focused attention for about a hour. I really believe Happy could of went on for a longer period but it was time for lunch. To see other toddlers doing montessori activities visit One Hook Wonder.


  1. Bitty Bug (20 months) was looking at the pictures when I was reading this, and then she decided she wanted to go wash apples too. :D

  2. So cute! What Ian loves to do when we wash the apples is peeling the stickers of the apples.
    By the way, you know I am not posting anymore, however I am sharing photos of our Montessori activities at home, and I want to invite you to visit us at

  3. I love this activity i'm trying it tomorrow.:)

  4. that is so you i love it and i love seeing happy do it.i have to bring eli to visit cause he miss you all,he is always asking about you

  5. Sandy,
    Thank you for sharing your photos of activities you do with Ian on Flickr. Great works! I really needed some more inspiration. I couldn't leave a comment. I have to sign up or something. Well I am not too familiar with flickr yet. I will be checking your activities often. Thank you again for sharing.

  6. Hi! I'm glad you "visit" us at Flickr :-) I understand you need to have a Yahoo account to leave a message.


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