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Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Are Family! {Montessori Monday)

     Last school week was a blast!!  We enjoyed each other we cried, we laughed. The moments that happened there are no words to describe it. It was all natural learning. Whenever a child requested a lesson I was right there, prepared to present. They tried new subject areas, we were family. Take a look.

                                                              Practical Life

                                                                           Pouring beans.
                                                                           Sponge squeezing.   
                                                                 Buckle dressing frame.

                                              Working with scissors creating a scary silly bag.

Button frame


Matching object to picture (fruit)

Sequencing puzzles. Anna is saying "Look at me, Mrs. T".

                                                        Participating in a paper story.

                                                            Matching object to shadow.


Pink Tower

                                                     Ordering Number Rods from one to ten.

                                                                         Spindle Box.

                                                           Pink Tower/BrownStair extension.

                                                           Sandpaper Numbers with sand tracing box.

                                                                Geometric Demontration Tray. 

                                                         Land/ Water/Air transportation sort

                                                                     World Map puzzle.

                                                       North America Continent Map Puzzle.

                                             Discovering Canada is bigger than United States.


                                                                     Living/Non Living sort.

                                                                       Frog puzzle.

                           No, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of every work the children did. This is actually a representation of two days of work! I am prepared for next week. I'll be introducing some works in Botany. We can't let Fall come without investigating Apples. Now go check out what Short Pants and others are learning using the montessori method at One Hook Wonder!!!


  1. Wow! Those children look so engaged and happy with their work. You must be very proud of them and yourself!

  2. What a wonderful week! You have such a great variety of lessons and the children are all having so much fun. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday. :)


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