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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ecology:Dirty Water

                                            This week we did a science experiment called "Dirty Water". We discussed the difference between dirty and clean water. Some children thought dirty water could be scary. Throughout the week we also talked about our emotions, so the word scary has been used quite a lot. The experiment is very similar to how I demonstrated the job of stems in flowers.

                                                      Supplies needed: 2 cups
                                                                                 2 flowers
                                                                                 dark food coloring

                                                      This is how we set up the experiment

    I wasn't able to take pictures of the children while we were doing the actual experiment this a picture after they completed the steps.

                         Our science question was What happens to a flower that is in dirty water?

                          They noticed the flower in the clean water was still white.

                     They observed the flower in the dirty water turned blue.           

                         What we learned is that dirty water is not healthy for living things and can cause harm to some non living things as well.     

                                N made an observation on her own she noticed the flower still smelled the same.

N needed an explanation for her finding. I shared with her that over time the flower would start to smell different the longer it was kept in dirty water. N wants to find this out for herself, so we will leave the flower in the dirty water until.... N predicts that the flower will still smell the same as the flower in clean water.

Stay Tuned.


  1. beautiful experience indeed! it's so clear!

  2. I've always done this experiment to show how plants pull water up through their stems, and that the water travels throughout all parts of the flower. I've never seen it done this way to show damaging effects. Not sure I agree with it!


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