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Monday, September 13, 2010

Aa Sound Bin

Tomorrow I will be presenting the Sound Bin Aa. The introduction of the sound bins are always an exciting time for the children. It is now presented during circle time so all the children are exposed to the letter sounds. Like all of the materials the children who are interested in the activities will work with them more.

                                         The Sound Bin which holds all of the following activities.

                                   Highway Letters printable comes from Making Learning Fun website.
Lacing apple.

      Letters could be used for tracing. Sound objects,ant,apple,astronaut,ax and alligator. The objects are kept in the envelope. Sound card from Beautiful Sun Montessori.

        The child will use the magnet to place the words on the letter Aa card. The pointer is used to find the letter Aa.
This box holds the magnetic activity.

                                                  Here is the shelving that holds our Sound Bins.



  1. Does the child choose the whole bin or do they choose an activity and another choose an activity? I am very interested in how this is used in the classroom. Thank you for your help.

  2. Hi! The child chooses the whole bin. The child then chooses which activities they would like to work with. The children that I guide always works with all activities before returning the bin to the shelf. I hope you try doing the sound bins they are really helpful with learning the phonic sound and it dosen't have to be a sound or letter of the week concept. If you do please let me know how it turned out. The Sound Bin idea I got from Karen Tylers' online montessori training.

  3. I love your Sound Bins! I am planning to make sound pouches (I love your envelope). Where do you buy your miniatures?

  4. Hi! Sandy, I made the intial sound object purchase from Montessori n' Such. Then all of sudden I started finding them everywhere!


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