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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Continents and Oceans

My son DJ is a magnet to montessori materials. Whenever there are new materials placed on any shelf  he is in a zone. He is a real motivator for me to get materials made, find extensions for materials, and to work harder to purchase more. I finally put out our Puzzle Map Of Continents and Oceans on the shelf, he was hooked.
                                                                       Getting started.

Using the control map for the World Map Puzzle.

                            Now he is using the World Map Puzzle for the continent puzzle pieces. 

Completing the Continent/Ocean Puzzle.
                                                                 Labeling the Oceans.

                           The Puzzle Map Of Continents and Oceans caught DJ by surprised. DJ didn't realize how big of a work this can be. DJ was able to work with two maps at the same time, he is learning about what oceans are by what continent. We are always laughing with amazement over the materials and how the materials are connected to one another. By the way I been meaning to mention this about DJ. He is in a sensitive period when dealing with clothes. He has his favorites and he may wear it all week. The pictures above are when DJ was wearing "pajamas". It is O.K, he is required to wear a uniform to school. So it is something that no one sees but the family, and you guys. DJ always picks out his new favorite outfit on Friday so I do get to wash the other clothes during the weekend. I remember going through this with Ken, I just didn't know what it was all about. Live and learn!!


  1. Hi! Just realized that you have your son in your classroom! How do you deal with the son/mummy relationship? Do you present the activities to him or do you have an assistant who does it? My daughter is in my class too, she is 2years and 9 months. She loves the material but sometimes she doesn't want to work except if I work with her and when she does that, she wants me to work instead of her! She does more stuff with my colleague!

  2. Hi,Carine! DJ does leave for school. This is a little bit of afterschooling. When school is out learning still continues. In the past before DJ attended school last year he was in my classroom. I have been schooling in our home since before DJ was born, it is just a part of his life. DJ has always seen me teach others so he knows it time to share and what he is expected to do to help himself,our family,and others.If possible show her presentations first maybe even the night before school, then have her show your colleague how well she can do it. Lily is just getting use to her enviroment pretty soon you might be asking "Where is Lily?LOL.


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