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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School:Fall Semester

 We were all very excited to back to school today. Last week we were on vacation. I used some of the time I had to put new works on the shelf. Some works were montessori others were generic type of materials. The children were attracted to the materials and for the first time I can say I did it right! Here are some pictures of our day.

                                     Matching Our Color Wand Green To The Enviroment

                                                                 Alphabet Hunt
Mumble found our "M" today. Later he chose to work with the sand tray with the letter "M".

                                           Lil and N also chose language works after the alphabet hunt.

"Mm" Sound Bin.

Oval Metal Inset.

Our Family Tree

                               Anna work with lots of focused attention while she was coloring her tree.

                                                                       Practical Life

Dre was absolutely excited about our latch board. Dre loves to count and when he saw the numbers on the doors he never put this down.

Franklin enjoyed stringing spools.

                                                         Jamesha noticed I changed the scissor basket. I also replaced baggies with envelopes. Jamesha was so happy to lick on the envelope to close it, she kept saying "Mrs. T you buyed this"? Needless to say I have to replace the scissor work because that is how she spent her time until there wasn't anymore to cut.                    
                     We had a fun filled day!!   Looking forward to all the different happenings that Fall brings.

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  1. i hope you all have a good school year ill be looking for some ideas eli is learning his numbers and the letter e for his name tell all the kids i love them and miss them

    love always ms r


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