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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Little Journal

 The MotherGooseTime curriculm that I also use comes with a journal book for preschoolers to use through out the month. At first I was a bit hesistant to use them with the children. From my observations before none of the children with the exception of Mumble could form letters using a pencil, and I definetly want to always introduce activities that encourage learning never discourage. I went ahead with the idea anyway, I am really glad I did. They all concentrated very well and was happy to have their own books to write in. Here is the cover of the journal.

Here are photos of the children working in their journals.

I did have one out right "NO"!  Lil didn't want anything to do with the journal, but she loved using our Mm pointer to find all of the Mm's on our word chart.
                                                   Next move Metal Insets. They're ready!!

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