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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Handwashing (Toddler Tuesday)

 Not many pictures involving the toddlers last week. Preschoolers kept me plenty busy with take a picture of me moments. I did present our Handwashing Table to Jessica. Jessica enjoyed every step of the handwashing presentation. This is one of the few times that I have seen a child repeat the entire steps over and over for the entire work period. I was amazed and couldn't focus a lot of times on anything else because I was really intrigued by this observation of Jessica. It continues to be her favorite work. Jessica is not potty trained yet, so I thought that this handwashing table would at least help her learn to wash her hands independently.  Here is Jessica with great excitement and concentration while doing handwashing work.
                                                    The Handwashing Table.

First step getting water for the work.

                                           Pouring water into the wash bowl and rinse bowl.

Washing and rinsing hands.

                                           Drying hands,and putting drying cloth back.      

                                         Carrying bowl to pour the water out into a bucket. 

                                      Pouring water out of the washing and rinsing bowls.
           Returning rinse bowl to the tray.  Work cycle completed!!         

                       Jessica never missed a step while she was repeating this work several times. The Montessori Method is truly amazing. I have raised three toddlers and I would have never thought that all I had to do was set up a Handwashing Table for them to gain independence, busy their hands, and me a little more freedom to do other things as well. Now pop over and take a look at Pita Pocket and other toddlers learning the montessori way at One Hook Wonder.


  1. I love this idea!. I'll be trying this one.

  2. So sweet - she looks so proud of herself! What a great lesson to set up. Thanks for linking up to Toddler Tuesday! :)


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