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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jack and Jill

You can't go wrong with good old nursery rhymes. Our circle time is off to a good start. The toddlers are loving it, and the preschoolers are coming in the door asking when circle time is going to start.

The children mixed blue and yellow fingerpaint today, let me show you how.

                      I put yellow in one hand and said " This is Jack", the other hand I put blue and said "This is Jill". I then said "Lets see how Jack and Jill  help each other". They begin by mixing the colors together.

                                       They were excited about color mixing and loved how they made green.

I also introduced color sorting with two pails. Each pail had a ribbon tied so they would know which pail to put the color in.
                                      Dre went straight to the work as soon as it was placed on the shelf.

                                                      Jamesha during our work period.


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