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Monday, August 30, 2010


                      Keeping with the philosphy of the montessori method "following the child" I have decided to implement a monthly weigh-in and growth measurements of the children. I often hear the children talking among themselves about whos' taller or bigger this reminded me of one of the things that Dr. Marie Montessori also did with the children she had in her care. I plan on keeping this information in their portfolios. As a montessori guide in training camp, I know monitoring growth is a good thing but how this falls in the whole scheme of things I will be learning along the way, but at least I already will have the information.  Here are photos of some children that were present three and up, enrolled in the Fall semester.

                                              My daughter Michelle. Age 12, afterschooler.

My son DJ. Age 6, afterschooler.

My daughter Ken. Age 9, afterschooler.

Carmicheal. Age 9, afterschooler.

Mumble, age 4.

Lil, age 3.

                                                                        E, age 3.

C, age 3.

                                                                     Jamesha, age 3
Dre, will be three in September.

The scale I have is child friendly. The children loved stepping onto the scale. Some have even tried to weigh themselves . For now I just have a regular measuring tape, hope to get a actually growth chart. Here is a photo of the scale we used.

I purchased this years ago so I really don't remember where I brought it from.

Thanks for stopping by!! By the way I love reading comments. Now pop over to One Hook Wonder to see others learning using the montessori method.


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  3. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday! I bet the kiddos will have so much fun monitering their growth and the growth of their friends. :)

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